No-one in the Western world can have failed to notice the economic downturn.  Many countries like Ireland, Greece and Portugal have had to be bailed out by the wider European community. In the UK and elsewhere cuts have been mad in an attempt to reduce out debts.  However, it sees that as well as hitting our pockets it may also be damaging our mental health.  The Lancet reported in a recent issue that suicides seem to have risen by as much as 5% in tandem with rising unemployment rates. The BBC reported in July that some countries the rate rose as much as 17%. The UK saw a more modest but still shocking rise of 10%. The research team concluded that this rise was almost certainly a result of the economic turn-down. As a therapist counselling in Glasgow I know that more clients are worried about this month on month

In reports earlier in the year, we saw that the prescriptions for anti-depressants had risen by 40% and a 4 times rise in referrals to talking therapies. The mental health community SANE while unable to conclusively link the increase directly to the economic figures, did note that contacts with them were increasingly talking about job security, cuts in benefits and worries over income as reasons for anxiety and depression.

They had particular concerns over people who had underlying mental health difficulties being exposed to those additional pressures.

If you have concerns over how you will cope with the economic downturn or are just anxious about it, we at Considerate Counselling can help