If you are considering counselling you may have questions about counselling and how we work.

On this page we have gathered the answers to the most common questions about counselling and therapy. However, if you have a question or you need more detailed information, that doesn’t appear here then please use the form at the bottom of the page

Counselling and counsellors offer a unique and safe space to reflect and process what they are thinking and feeling about what is happening in their lives. While a counsellor will not give you advice or tell you what to do they will listen, offering you support to uncover the best way forward for you.

It helps in a variety of ways depending on the issue. This process of listening and reflection on your processes is an enormously powerful one. Indeed many people find just the act of talking the problem through in a non-judgmental confidential space relieves a lot of the tension and the anxiety of the problems they are having.

Ultimately counselling is not a one size fits all process so it is important to work with a counsellor who has been trained and can demonstrate the skills and professional skills to help you.

Counselling is a therapy that allows you to sort out difficulties that you face in your life. It provides an environment where you can explore thoughts, feelings and the issues or difficulties in your life. You and your therapist process them more effectively supporting you in the changes that you want to make.

Ultimately you will be the judge of if the therapy has been successful. Often clients talk of a weight lifting or accepting difficult situations in their life allowing them to move into their future. Some client feels more in control of their lives or anxiety. In many ways counselling help by supporting you to accept yourself and enjoy your life.

People from all walks of life and all experiences benefit from therapy. Some of the issues that I have dealt with in the past are, stress, self-confidence and esteem, bereavement, relationship counselling, depression, anxiety and abuse.

Yet, while the list of problems that counselling can help with is endless, the purpose is to help explore difficult thoughts and feelings about any experience, thought or feeling in your life which is preventing you from enjoying and living your life to the full

Yes the service is confidential. Many clients ask about this aspect of my work. We will go over what it means for you in the first session to make sure that you are completely happy. You may also find it helpful to read our confidentiality policy.

The most important thing to say is that if the problem is important to you, it is important to me. The process is not about judging whether a problem is trivial or not but rather looking at the impact it has on your life. I listen to and help all those who contact me. Most of us have thoughts, feelings or experiences that they feel are embarrassing, or trivial in their life, yet that haunt us in the quieter moments. If this is making life harder for you why not ask for help.

We are located on the south side of Glasgow and offer on-line and telephone counselling too.

Many people look at the cost of therapy and pause wondering about the cost. We want to try to provide everyone with access to therapy so we try to keep our price low and offer a competitive rate in Glasgow. It’s worth noticing that the costs are in your control you are only committing to a session at a time. You are free to stop at any time without having to explain why.

Finally take a moment to notice the values of what you are buying you are trying to sort out difficult thoughts, feelings and situations and compare that to the payments that you might make in other areas of your life. Ultimately I want everyone to have access to therapy so even if we can’t help we do all we can to find the right service for you.

No there is no limit. Your therapy is driven by your care and your recovery. While there is no limit, we will review our progress regularly to make sure that you are happy with progress. It is also possible to work for a short series of therapy sessions (for example 6 sessions to work on bereavement).

I’m sorry but there are so many. I’d be happy to talk to you without any obligation about what counselling might be able to do for you. If you have a question please contact me today.

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I have helped many clients to get back on track by making small changes, or perhaps more dramatic ones. Is counselling for you? Yes if you want to make positive change in your life.

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