I am working on producing some relaxation tracks, which I hope to make available for download from my main site (https://consideratecounselling.co.uk/). Over the years I have found that relaxation is one of the best weapons that we all have to combat stress and anxiety.

When we experience anxiety or stress, we go through physiological changes, ready to spring into action. This is as a result of the fight or flight response that is programed into us in response to threats. One of the consequences of this is a tensing of the muscles ready to act, and this is all very well if you act and the tension is released. But if you are constantly in this heightened state then this never gets truly released and the tension can lead to aches and headaches. Relaxation is the key to releasing this and feeling better.
There are many ways to relax, and if you want to have a bath, go for a run or a walk or any of the other ways that you feel suit you then you should go ahead. I am talking here about relaxation, because with practice you can get relief in 20 minutes or so. As with all techniques, you get better with practice. What often happens is people will use the relaxation, then as it works they feel less tense so stop, and they find the effects wear off and they begin to feel bad again. I think the key is to practice so that you understand the technique, and then use it at regular intervals as a preventative step. Preventative in the sense it stops tension building.
There are a few different types of relaxation but I am working on two particular types

  • Something called progressive relaxation in which we relax muscle groups in sequence this helps you to increase your awareness of the tense and relaxed state of your muscles so you are better able to realise when you need to relax.
  • Guided fantasy relaxation where you use the power of your imagination to relax your body and experience a stress free happy environment. In part this give you a deep relaxation as in the first technique, but it will offer a world where you are in charge, with no one to criticise or judge.

I remember when I first tried relaxation, I was worried it was hypnosis or that I was somehow going to lose control, and this is not the case in fact I have never felt so in control or had such an sense of peace. Check back soon for the link or details on how to get the tracks.