I was surprised at a recent swiftcom survey which found that 25% of people said that they do not take their annual holiday.  We see that much of their statutory 28 days paid leave goes unclaimed.  Of course there are many reasons for this but increasingly the effects of the economic downturn can be seen. Just over half a million workers fear that taking time off work for a holiday will make others see them as the week link. It seems that it is more about presenteeism than effectiveness.

Even those who take breaks, still feel that they have to read emails daily or phone into the office.  People see sacrificing their holidays to fend off the threat to their jobs as a necessary evil.  Looking at the figures the older the worker the more likely it is that they will forgo their break.  It sounds as though the older generation may be more worried about their jobs than the younger generateration. However, giving up holidays should leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

A lot of people appear to be ready to sacrifice their holidays for their jobs – no one seems to think that a holiday re-charges your batteries, makes you less stressed, a better performer in the office. Returning from holiday you will be healthier physically and mentallyand notsacrificing your health for your employer.