Sometimes it just has to be private.

We would all like to live in a world where we could discuss our problems openly, perhaps with our friends, family or boss. Yet in a recent ICM poll 20% of us did not trust our famlies. Real life isn’t that ideal world where confidences are kept and boundries held. Even if we trust our family perhaps we don’t want to worry them, most families have secrets that are just off limits, so what to do if you need to discuss a jugular issue?

Thats where counselling can come in. Professional counselling offers honest, reliable help in an open and impartial manner. Counsellors are trained to listen and try to understand the world from your perspective offering their skill to help you over those hurdles that you face. But can you trust them? I believe that as long as you choose a counsellor who is a member of a professional body they will agree with you the boundries tat define your sessions, so you can be assured of confidentiallity, backed up by the code of ethics they subscribe to. (ask when meeting for the first time)

At Considerate Counselling I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psycotherapy, and I think that it is important that you can check that your counsellor is trust worthy. In the same ICM poll the majority of people tended to agree that most people can be trusted, but when it has to be confidential its good to make sure you have back up.