Today is the first day back at school and it put me in mind of starting new things generally. Children and young people at this time of the year are faced with a steep learning curve to understand a range of subjects. As adults we’re much more in control. And even with that steep curve, each child in there way makes progress a step at a time to realise their potential. Sure there are dificulties in their subject, but with parents help and the help of their teacher they gain confidence in their subject.

While I understand that we didn’t all have great school experiences, I am sure that we can all see the power of the process. A goal and little steps toward that goal. What a difference the right support (parents) and teachers (professionals) can make to the outcome (or lack of it).

I thought that there is a lesson for adults, we often face major change in our lives, things which will make a huge difference to us, and we can’t see how we will get there, perhaps the good school model can come to our aid. Know where you are going, work out what you are comfortable with as the next step. With support take that help and if you need it professional help (counselling) is always available.