Commuting too and from work is a stressful experience, but the latest research in the Journal of Health Economics would suggest that if you are a woman with a family that you find the experience more stressful than men or single, childless, women.

According to the Office for National Statistics we spend just under an hour each day travelling to and from our workplace. It seems that this daily journey is taking its toll on all of us and particularly women. The result is surprising because in fact men spend slightly longer commuting so one might expect them to suffer more. Yet its seems that they are unaffected.

Researchers have hypothosised that women often have responsibility for the household as well as the communte so find themselves doing errands to and from work or that they have to be back at a perticular time to meet childcare commitments. They also note that as women earn a lower hourly wage the percentage of their wages spent on travel is higher.

With all of these limiting factors it is hardly surprising that there is more stress.The psychological strain of commuting for women with children who are at the pre-school age is four times as high as it is for commuting men who have children of exactly the same age.

The data was collected from the British Household Panel Survey, which is a yearly survey taken by households all over Britain and relates to issues of employment, mental health and financial matters