I was watching television and I saw an advert for an insurance company which was offering life cover. It talked about leaving something for your loved ones after you’d gone. That if you were over 50 you were guaranteed to be accepted and that there was a prize for even applying.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your family more than money, wouldn’t be nice to be remembered for the real you. Yet sometimes it is really hard to be real with our family so when they are not there they don’t remember the real us. So many people live their lives by the expectations of others. They are scared of being  judged so don’t talk about feelings or hug family or share dreams. Is there something that you feel you can’t do because you will be judged?

Can you accept yourself flaws and all? We all have flaws and many of us spend so much time hiding them that we are scared to live for showing ourselves up. Isn’t it worth the risk to live once. Peter Pan said to live is an awfly big adventure. So treat yourself to the things you enjoy because surely your opinion is the most important one about yourself. Being worried about the judgement of others is an illusion, for people will judge you no matter what happens.
So start to pay in to your plan today, offer yourself the compassion to be yourself and offer others the chance to see the real you, that would be nice to leave behind for your loved ones. And I hope I can guarantee acceptance at least from yourself