smileHappiness, Happiness, the greatest gift the we pocess goes the song. But how do we find happiness within ourselves. Many of us try external things to make us feel happy- perhaps a new car or chocolate. Perhaps its something simpler a walk in the park or spending time with a loved one. However, many of us are not satisfied with these thing. The car becomes part of the daily drudgery: the school run, going to work or doing the shopping. All too soon we start to notice the price of fuel going ever upwards.  Chocolate is great it lifts our mood till we notice the increase in our waistline. You decide to give it up but you begin to realise that its the high point in your day

Researchers have found that some lucky souls are born with brighter outlooks than others they see opportunity where others see obstacles. Yet there is hope for the rest of us, there  are things that we can do.

You might think that winning a large sum of money might make you happy but research has shown that after a period of adjustment we go back to the level of happiness that we were at before.

Happiness seems to come from with in so when we are mindful to live each moment fully, be open to each opportunity to be ourselves and enjoy the world as we meet it we will be happier. Even acting happier has shown to make people happier.

Although there is a place for wiling away the hours in a book, humans are driven to goals and achievements so if you want ti find happiness set a goal, you will anticipate the sense of achievement and that will increase your mood.

Strong healthy relationships make for happiness so invest time in those relationships that you value, be yourself and get the best out of the support and the positive feelings that come from a good relationship.

Whatever you do, each time small step will get you closer to that happiness goal.