AnxietyIt seems that in Scotland the rate of prescribing anti depressants continues to grow. Now more than 10% are on anti-depressants. Some doctors and politicians are calling for the trend to be reversed and a focus needs to be put on other earlier forms of intervention with anti depressants seen as a last rather than a first resort.

Some of the more common things that the medicines are prescribed for include depression and anxiety and there are now a range of therapies available as alternatives including counselling and other talking therapies.

There are simple steps that can be taken in terms of diet and exercise as well as avoiding unhelpful ways of coping (like alcohol and drugs). Support for the person recovering has also been shown to be key to health.

More women than men suffer from depression, but this is in part thought to be because women are more likely to go to their GP about an emotional or mental health issue as Scotland has a culture of males stalwartly coping.

Mental illness, depression and anxiety are amongst the most common ailments in Scotland – isn’t it about time we started talking about it?