I was watching YouTube the other day and I came across a TV advert that I thought was very powerful when I saw it at the time. It always challenges me because it shows how much we judge from appearance, and how dreadfully wrong we can be.

The opening scene is of a skin head dressed in combat trousers, shaved heard and archetypal safety pin in the nose. He begins to run down the street toward a middle aged gentleman carrying a brief case. As he gets to the man he turns and raises his case to protect himself, the skinhead grabs him.

We now see a long view we see the skin head through the man into the side of the builing – as we notice the building materials falling from above to where the man would have been standing.

Do you notice how quickly your judgement switches from mugger to saviour?  It shows how often we judge, without taking the wider perspective into account, something that happens in all of our busy lives, it’s part of the reason that I think that good friends, counselling and a strong family are important because they are prepared to be honest enough to challenge you in your beliefs.