Self-esteem and confidence represents how you feel about yourself in the world. Self – esteem as the opinion that we hold of ourselves. Self-confidence is how we portray yourself and our achievements. Often the two terms are interchangeably used but they do describe different things.

If you have low self-esteem you typically will struggle to be able to express your opinion, or forgive yourself for past misdemeanours. You will may be very self-critical and dismiss achievements you have made. You will struggle to believe that you are good enough.

Yet self-confidence is about the face you show to others. How you present your successes do you offer your skills readily? Do you help with your talents or compassion when others are in need? These are all about you confidence to talk to and communicate with others.

It is worth noticing that you could be one of many people who hide their low self-esteem behind a mask of self –confidence. Hoping that the world will never get a glimpse of who you feel that you really are.

Counselling can make a real difference by helping you to develop healthy beliefs about yourself and to silence the critical voice. It helps you to live more in harmony you’re your own value beliefs and consciousness and be able to reject others beliefs where they are harmful or unhelpful to you. Healthy self-esteem needs to emerge gradually, not instantaneously.

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