Hope is it ever all gone? Pandora’s Box contained all the evils of the world which were release by Pandora’s curiosity. Yet, when the box closed again, only hope remained. The myth suggests that it alone protects us from the evils of the world. So what do we do when we find ourselves without it. What do we do when all hope is gone?

There are moments, dark moments in our lives when we feel we face the world with no hope.

  • A loved one is dying or has passed away
  • When we face a trial or test and feel alone
  • When there seems no way forward without pain to ourselves or others.

There are of course many others. Yet perhaps hope is still there and it is just difficult to find in these crisis moments. It’s hard to hear a whisper in a storm.

Where to find hope

hopeHope and persistence are often to be found together hand in glove. So often if we persist in moving forward or making changes, it is a sign we have it that there is something that might be better. Similarly, when we feel hopeless, often having the persistence to change one thing can make all the difference. Hope can be taking the next step.

There is potential in all of us to grow, to be more than we are. If we think into our autobiographies we will have skills we will have learned, things we have overcome and trials where we have failed or prevailed.  All of these show our potential, our ability to face challenge. We can hope to be different tomorrow, because tomorrow we will be different from today, more experienced, more reflective, have taken more time to decide what will make a difference for us.

Sometimes looking to others for support can bring new perspective to our problems. Often we will have been so close to our problems that we may struggle to see the way through. Our friends often offer that glimpse of a way through our problems.

We think of hope as a fragile thing, yet in reality it is a robust and useful tool that helps us combat the greatest of problems that we face.  Often just when we feel that we have lost it and our it springs up to light up a new way to tackle our problems and take us forward.

If you find yourself without hope, know that there is a way forward and perhaps you simply need someone to help you look for it, for it is to be found even when in disguise.