Self image

I want to be taller, I want to be a size zero, I want curly hair, I want a six pack, longer legs, smaller nose and so…

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Should you speak your mind

So often we hold back from speaking our minds. We are scared of others reaction, we are worried about conflict and…

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Valuing yourself

There is a story told of Col. Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's Manager.  The White House phoned and said that President…

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Self image – nice on the inside as well

Today we celebrate Roald Dahl day, today would have been his 95th birthday. He once said that: "A person who has good…

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If you accept yourself – life assured?

I was watching television and I saw an advert for an insurance company which was offering life cover. It talked about…

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Critical Voice

Learning to be less self-critical – love you

Learning to be less self-critical – love you It can be hard to accept ourselves and not be overly critical. Too often…

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Back to School

All change its back to school

Today is the first day back at school and it put me in mind of starting new things generally. Children and young people…

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