If you accept yourself – life assured?

I was watching television and I saw an advert for an insurance company which was offering life cover. It talked about…

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Critical Voice

Learning to be less self-critical – love you

Learning to be less self-critical – love you It can be hard to accept ourselves and not be overly critical. Too often…

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Loss can overwhelm us

Grief – our process

On this day in 2004, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross died. Many of you may not be familiar with the name; however, she worked…

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We all need to relax more

I am working on producing some relaxation tracks, which I hope to make available for download from my main site…

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Unexpressed emotions

Holiday in the office?

I was surprised at a recent swiftcom survey which found that 25% of people said that they do not take their annual…

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Back to School

All change its back to school

Today is the first day back at school and it put me in mind of starting new things generally. Children and young people…

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National tell a joke day

Humour is a great defence against feeling down and what better time to start than national tell a joke day. The door…

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