Grief and loss

The control of anxiety

Anxiety is something which we all experience. A normal, if unpleasant part of life, it makes us fearful for the outcome…

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end of a relationship

Does mental illness destroy relationships?

There can be little doubt that mental illness puts strain on relationships. Often it produces a crisis that the…

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Depression – 5 alternatives to pulling yourself together

Pulling yourself together regularly tops the polls as the most unhelpful thing that clients with a mental health issue…

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loss and grief

Stress management – anxiety under control?

Overwhelming, overpowering, uncontrollable, never-ending, helpless, there seems no end to the list of superlatives that…

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Mental health – nothing to worry about?

Mental health while becoming more accepted in society can still be a very frightening thing. Like so many things that…

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Depression – self-help

Can you help yourself if you suffer from depression?  Yes you can, keep in mind though that depression is a difficult…

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Struggling with depression

For suffers of depression, each day can feel like a climb up the north face of the Eiger. It can be difficult to see…

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