Kickstart your day with 5 simple steps to positivity

“Alexa Snooze” – another 10 minutes, what would help you kickstart your day first thing in the morning? We can have a…

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When all hope is gone

Hope is it ever all gone? Pandora’s Box contained all the evils of the world which were release by Pandora’s curiosity.…

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self-harm self esteem

Revealed self-harm

Difficult to talk about, discrimination, isolation, guilt and shame all words associated with self-harm. Self-harm is…

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Sex addicts – The loneliest addiction

There can be little doubt that there has been a rise in the amount of easily available porn in our society today.…

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Feeling better about yourself

Feeling better about yourself - Can you? Part of being human is to have times when we are feeling insecure about…

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Critical voice – Whistle a happy tune

We all have those critical voices in our head from time to time chastising us or enumerating our wrongs. Perhaps we…

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help to stop self-harm

Returning to work

I know from my treatment room that one of the biggest challenges that some clients face having been off of work with…

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