employee counselling

What few businesses know about employee counselling

Should your company provide employee counselling ? You don’t have to be Peter Jones, James Caan or Deborah Meaden to…

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loss and grief

Proven tips for grief and loss

Grief, loss and bereavement are a near universal experience.  While this is true, It is perhaps thrown in sharp…

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Back to School

Talking about feelings

Feelings, express them, repress them, shout them or smother them, but we all have them. How we express our feelings can…

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Grief and loss

Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Bereavement, grief and loss are simultaneously a universal and an intensely personal an d unique experience. There are…

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Loss can overwhelm us

Dealing with grief

Death is a certainty which waits for us all, and dealing with a death can be very hard. There is a hollow emptiness…

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Handling grief and loss

It is the hollow emptiness that washes over us.  We are separated from the known the familiar with no chance to retract…

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The long term effects of a death

The death of any family member is a very difficult time for the family. The sense of loss and the emptiness that…

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