Stress can affect all aspects of our lives. We can feel out of control and powerless against a tide of endless tasks, expectations and deadlines vying for our time.

Stress in itself is not a bad thing. It keeps us safe, it helps motivate and helps set priority. On the other hand, constant or overwhelming stress can be a monster. A monster that needs managed and put in a place that you control, not the other way round.

Counselling can make a big difference to those suffering from stress. Stress can affect anyone and at any time in their life. There are many aspects to stress. An important part of managing stress is to understand what is causing the stress. In understanding what is causing us to feel overwhelmed and emotionally pressured, we can focus on the steps to reduce and eliminate stress.

Working on how you can take control in your life, stress becomes less of a monster and more of the motivator. However, it is about change, learning how to say now and taming your to do list. In the same vein, you have to focus on taking the steps to control your environment. You avoid the triggers that cause your stress. Importantly it is knowing how to de-stress and allow stressful feelings out rather than holding on to their damaging effects.

In conclusion, we know that uncontrolled stress is damaging to both our mental and physical health. However, it is possible to manage stress by taking some straightforward steps that tame the monster. Certainly counselling can be a big part of an effective way to deal with stress and bring things under control and cope in the future

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