Anxiety sufferers often wrestle with their feelings and it can feel a fight to the death. The emotional reaction that things will go badly or that you will embarrass yourself locks horns against the logical side of your thinking. Part of you that knows you are being irrational. Yet you feel powerless to resist and tackle the anxious feelings.

Simple ways to beat anxiety

AnxietyFortunately there are ways to win this struggle. There are things which you can do that will help you to manage your anxious feelings better You  feel more in control.  As with many skills in life the more you practice the better you become and the more effective they are.

Move a bit more.  Exercise is not just good for your physical health it’s great for your mental health too.  It might be that you enjoy a swim or a session down at the local gym, but a brisk walk will do just as well. As well as helping to reduce stress hormones it also stimulates endorphins. It also gives us time to think about what is going on.

Be realistic. Often when we are anxious we have or are setting ourselves unrealistic goals. For example I’m worried about my health I will go to the gym 3 times a week. Perhaps the goal is to make more friends and bewe’re upset when we don’t have any after a week. Be realistic with your goals. Make them small and achievable.

Live in the moment. Often we focus on the bad choice we have made in the past or fill our lives with what is going to happen in the future. In reality in the past we chose one path. Now it hasn’t worked out we assume the other would have made us happy.  For example “I should never have taken this job, I should have stayed where I was.” There is no evidence that staying would have made you happy you are assuming that because you are unhappy now.

Challenging your thoughts, as in the example above when you have an unrealistic thought that changes your mood. Learn to challenge it what are the facts. Why is it true? Is there anything that makes it untrue? Is there a different way of thinking that takes these into consideration? How do you feel about the new thought?

Take care of yourself; it is easy when we suffer from anxiety to be self-critical or hard on our decision making. Ask yourself is that how you would speak to your best friend if they had the same problems. Why then do you treat yourself so harshly?

There are things you can do for your anxiety there are changes you can make. Changing your thinking and behaviours will bring about change in the control of anxiety.  Don’t delay get started today and feel less anxious.