“Alexa Snooze” – another 10 minutes, what would help you kickstart your day first thing in the morning? We can have a lack of motivation, feel rundown or overwhelmed. Hiding under the bedclothes is easier than facing it all. How to get that positive attitude that will get your day off to a great start. We share 5 great ways you can help yourself.

Even making the changes might feel too much and put a dampener on the day, so feel free to pick and choose after all you can always build up to all 5 as the days improve.

Kickstart your day – Eat

Breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day. Yet so many of us skip it or have a quick coffee on the way between the bathroom and the bedroom as we panic about getting ready. Pausing to have a good breakfast fuel the body ready for what the day will throw at it. Remember that you’ve been asleep all night so let’s fill the fuel tanks ready to get going for the day.

Say something to encourage yourself

Starting the day with a positive frame of mind is key to starting that positivity vibe. Try saying “I will treat myself with kindness, patience and respect” three times as you look in the mirror and smile. kickstart your day by having an affirmation that you use throughout the day can help to counter the self-criticism that so often drags us down.

Take control

Don’t let events dictate how you are going to feel about your day. Choose how you feel about your day. Be clear what you want your day to be about. You can always choose how you think. You may have to go to work but you can choose how you think about looking forward to getting hope rather than focusing on how terrible the day is. Don’t go on automatic switch to manual and choose your thoughts

Kick start your day – Get moving

Create some movement in your day. That might be exercise and a gym, but for many of us that is way too much pressure. kick start your day by climbing the stairs or going for a walk , dance round the kitchen get the heart pumping you’ll be surprised at how much it lifts your mood.

Look after yourself

Looking after yourself should always be part of how you maintain that positivity. You might have a relaxing shower or a bath, or perhaps you plan to do something fun with the family but make sure that you are including things that make life feel positive.

One final extra tip to kickstart your day is knowing the things to avoid in the morning, there are things that bring stress and anxiety into your life and where possible you should avoid TV or social media and leave work emails for work or at least the journey into work!

Its possible to take control and make out lives much more positive by making a few simple changes. We can make them a few at a time and reap the benefits, feeling better about ourselves and our lives.