Face to Face counselling in a Covid safe environment

Now Face to face counselling is available. It will be offered on a limited number of days and for a limited number of sessions on those days.

To be eligible for this service in addition to the governments COVID safe guidelines, clients and supervisees will have to agree to an extension of our working agreement to deal with infection control.
This may be in excess of legal requirements but reflects the need to keep everyone including other clients who may be vulnerable at a higher risk.

You will be asked to agree to the following.

  1. Sharing your name address and contact details in advance in order to facilitate test and protect.
  2. You will do a LAT flow test 24 hours before your session to determine your COVID status and report a positive status in cancelling the appointment.
  3. You will wear a face mask when entering, leaving or moving around the building. You are not expected to wear a mask during therapy.
  4. If either party exhibits the symptoms of COVID or comes into contact with someone with COVID or COVID symptoms, they will inform the other party as soon as practical and in any case within 24 hours. No counselling will take place until the status is determined by a test.
  5. If either party us develops COVID there will be a minimum of a 10-day break in counselling and the party will have a negative Covid test before resuming.
  6. You accept that face to face sessions could stop with little or no notice. (For example, because of infection, rising infection in the population, government guidelines etc.)
    As much notice will be given as practical will be given and other modes of delivery for continuing with session will be discussed with you.)
  1. You agree not arrive before your appointment time.
    (I have nowhere you can safely wait.)
  2. I have no waiting area that you could safely wait till the start of your appointment.
  3. You agree to use on-line payment methods to avoid the use of cash. A receipt will be issued by email.
  4. You accept that there will be environmental factors to assist infection control in operation. These include but are not limited to:
  • Accepting that some windows in the counselling room may be open, for ventilation.
  • Hand gel is provided for use as required. Please free to use your own if you prefer.
  • The counselling room and bathroom are cleaned between sessions.
  • Water and tissues cannot be provided so please consider bringing your own

These conditions will be reviewed regularly, but restrictions on face-to-face therapy are likely to remain for several months.