Many clients are considering how best to choose an on-line counsellor, because of the current COVID-19 infection control measures. Yet, there are many great reasons for choosing this as the form of delivery for your therapy.

Clients are perhaps more familiar with face to face counselling and associate telephone with helplines. However, it offers the same psychological support delivered by a skilled therapist that you would get by visiting their office.

Choosing an on-line therapist

There are many reasons that someone might choose on-line therapy (aside from a global pandemic). Experienced therapists will tell you that those who choose an on-line counsellor often do so because of everyday concerns such as convenience or access.

It is important that you choose a therapist who you can trust. Look for someone who is experienced in the delivery of on-line therapy. Someone who is a member of a professional body such as the BACP. (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Making sure that your counsellor meets these standards offers you protection. While not a recommendation, it shows that your counsellor has a commitment to a set of ethics, standards and training and there is a complaints process should anything go wrong.

On-line therapy making a connection with your therapist

On-line counselling can mean a variety of contact methods. Although most people think of it as video calls, it could also be by text or email.  Usually before you start counselling you and your counsellor will have had a talk about how counselling will work. This will help you both establish what might be expected and the limits that there might be.

You need to be comfortable with your counsellor. Do not be afraid to ask questions, good therapists will welcome the opportunity to talk about any concerns you have. They will be keen for you to have the right therapist (even when that isn’t them!)

Final thoughts

There are of course differences you will need to consider when working on0-line or by telephone. It’s worth giving some thought to these before you call the counsellor because they may affect your choice. For example: Normally the counsellor’s office offers a safe and confidential space where you are not disturbed. Yet, when you choose online therapy you need to create that space for yourself. Choose a time that works best for your life.

Studies have shown that on-line counselling can be as effective as face to face counselling. It is becoming easier to stay connected as technology develops and innovates. It offers a chance to talk to qualified counsellors. They have the skills to help with a range or mental health and psychological issues where perhaps there were artificial barriers of limitations of access in the past.

In conclusion if you are considering counselling and especially if there is good reason that you cannot visit the counsellor’s office you can still access good quality counselling. When you choose an on-line counsellor there are simple steps that you can take to get a therapist that can help you to meet your needs.