With up to three quarters of your waking life spent at work. Work issues can have a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing. Many situations at work affect our mental health.

For Instance, while for many work is a rewarding and enriching experience, for many others they become anxious or dread going through those office doors.

There are many work issues, you might address in counselling and talking therapy can be very effective in providing a place to work through your thoughts and feelings and be clear what you want your next steps to be.  Often we feel guilty asking for help, that we should be able to cope alone. However, tackling workplace issues with support is better. Some of the most frequently issues are:

  • Being bullied or harassed in work
  • Setting boundaries for work and the rest of your life
  • Performance and competence anxiety
  • Workplace stress and anxiety
  • Conflict with work colleague(s)

There are of course many others that are in addition to these are detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing. Further we know that talking through workplace challenges and problems with a counsellor is helpful. In allowing space and time to work through the problem and how you feel about it, you can identify the triggers and anxieties. You notice, in doing so, the steps that you can take to take control.

Counselling for workplace issues gives the opportunity to discuss and explore problems with an experienced counsellor. It gives you confidence that you getting a better understanding of what you are thinking and feeling at work. By working through your issues it allows you to explore the next steps. Using the support of counselling you can decide how you want to move forward to a move positive working life.

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