Relationships can be supporting, nurturing, loving and safe places to be. The quality of our relationships can define our wellbeing. When that relationship is damaged or missing, you struggle and feel lost. You can be single, married, living together, gay or straight we can all have relationship problems.

There can be many reasons for relationship problems, and good reasons for taking them to therapy.  Some people will be looking to solve a specific issue, while others might want to tackle a range of issues in their relationship. Counselling helps you to facilitate the change that you want in your relationships.

Often people leave it to crisis point to  address relationship issues. But, like any problem addressing it sooner, makes it simpler to address. Similarly, clients hold back from talking about their relationship through embarrassment or anxiety. However, many clients have improved their relationships because of therapy.

  • Common relationship issues include
  • Feeling bored or stuck in a relationship
  • Fighting or conflict in relationships’
  • Affairs and you wish to talk about how to cope
  • Dealing with a break up
  • Dealing with old feelings damaging your current relationship

In coming to counselling you have a safe space to work through the problems and issues that are troubling you. Above all, working with the counsellor helps you work to uncover and address the issues that are causing the problems. You then identify ways that changes could make a difference to your relationship.

Many relationship problems start through a lack of or by poor communication. Communication is an early casualty in a relationship where there are problems. Although you talk and fight it seems to resolve nothing. In counselling you learn better communication working with the therapist to identify better practices. In conclusion, by taking small steps you can start to reclaim your relationship over time.

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