The client guide to therapy or how do you “do” therapy?

One of the things most often heard by therapists is “I’ve never done this before”. Any guide to therapy would note that many people are a little anxious about their therapy. Perhaps they expect something of what they see in sitcoms with a couch and a therapist, or a room with incense and candles. Perhaps they have no idea and are anxious about saying or doing the wrong thing.

Therapy guideThere is a therapist out there that meets your needs.

While you want to find someone to talk to, its worthwhile making sure its a good fit. While credentials and registrations are important, knowing what the therapist is like to talk to is important too. Call a few therapists and ask about their therapy and what you can expect, see if you feel that you are a fit. Its okay to change if its not even after you’ve had a session!

Make your therapy work for you

Choose to go to therapy at a time that works for you. You might have childcare duties, or a job or you might want time after your session to reflect on what was said so choose a therapist that can work with your needs. (perhaps an on-line therapist)

Think about what you want to achieve in therapy

Its worth noticing that you have limited time in therapy so knowing what you want to achieve is important. Perhaps its to let go of some feelings, or to unpack how you feel about a situation or to explore how you feel about a problem in your life. Knowing the direction you want your therapy to go will help you and your therapist bring about change.

Its okay to say anything

Clients can feel that they have to spare the therapist’s blushes or that they can’t talk about certain subjects or have to be a ‘good’ client. However, not censoring your thoughts and feelings is perhaps the single most helpful thing you can do in therapy. Your therapist is not there to judge you to tell you right from wrong. They are there to be with you and help you to progress and clarify what has been so difficult to hold and live with.

Its not just about a guide to therapy – Enjoy your therapy

Ultimately therapy can (literally) be life changing. Notice how you are changing as you let old beliefs go and new values take their place.