What is the best way to deal with anxiety. We all experience anxiety in our lives. It is our natural defence at times of stress, when facing a threat where we feel at risk. In the past it might have been from attack of an animal but it the 21st century it is often associated with public speaking or a new job or social situation.

Deal with anxietyYet, for some of us anxiety goes much further, becoming extreme. It can make you feel that your life is in turmoil and can paralyse your ability from confronting your fears. Anxiety makes us extremely alert to threats and dangers that surround us and makes physical changes to our breathing and heart rate to get us ready to meet any threats.

Some people will be able to identify where or when their anxiety started. For some their anxiety starts with a life event such as bereavement or a divorce. Others will find that their anxiety is harder to pinpoint it builds over time the way that a saucepan in a sink fills with water as the tap drips into it. No one thing causes the anxiety but rather a build up over time.

There are ways that you can deal with anxiety.

Talking to a professional can help you identify the triggers and the source of your anxiety. Working with them you can develop ways of coping and managing the anxious thoughts that accompany your anxiety so that you feel more in control of your mood.

You can learn coping mechanisms like mindfulness and relaxation which can help to deal with anxiety by calming the physical symptoms and helping you to manage your thought processes. You can better challenge your anxiety by living more in the moment.

Challenge your anxious thoughts with the facts. If your fear is that you are going to be in the bank when it is robbed, ask yourself what makes this true. How many people do you know this has happened too? Try to ground your thoughts so that your anxiety have a more realistic view of your fear.

Anxiety often lives in the space of getting it right first time or getting it perfect and that isn’t realistic. We all make mistakes, we have off days. Accepting that you are imperfect can help. Accepting that you will get it wrong and that is part of being human. Try to offer yourself a little compassion when you are struggling with your anxiety.

Take time for yourself. Taking time out where you focus on yourself, and not on the problems and needs of others is a great tool for challenging your anxiety. It is important to notice that you are capable and you can actively contribute to your own life and happiness.