Depression and anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental illness in the UK today. About 1 in 10 of us experience depression in a year. Although we know of effective treatments for anxiety and depression, often stigma and a reluctance to talk about mental health problems, prevent people from reaching out for help

Depression sufferers feel low, everything becomes a struggle. You can find it difficult to be motivated even to do the simplest of tasks. Life becomes very difficult. Anxiety too is debilitating, greatly affecting everyday life. You might find yourself with intrusive worrying thoughts, difficulty in concentrating and remembering, heart palpitations and other physical sensations. People will often feel tense as though something terrible is going to happen.

Depression can affect us in a number of ways. The symptoms will vary from one person to another. However, if you have been feeling down for a persistent length of time or have an overwhelming feeling of sadness or hopelessness you should seek help from your GP.

Counselling makes a difference in the treatment of both depression and anxiety. By working on the source of the problem and creating an understanding of the triggers and your reactions. Therapy helps to change how you react, think and feel.  Often we feel powerless in the face of anxiety and depression. Counselling offers the opportunity to step back and understand what we are feeling and thinking and what changes might work for us.

Counselling allows you the opportunity to not only understand the causes of your current difficulties, but it aims to change the way that you interact with your world. You are better able to deal with your triggers and prevent depression and anxiety recurring.

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