Information for our clients

August 2020

The Coronavirus (CONVID-19) continues as a significant threat to public health and there are a number of steps that we can all take to keep each other safe. This includes social distancing.

The virus still presents a significant threat to public health and although much has happened to control the spread of the virus and re-open some services in the community, I have had to adapt my approach to the delivery of counselling. I am laying out below how II have been working with clients successfully and how I hope to continue to work with clients and supervises.

The Scottish Government has announced that we are in Phase 3 of the plan. These may change as the situation develops so please keep checking back. First I would advise that you keep up to date with the relevant health advice on keeping yourself and your loved ones safe you can find our information on how best to do that here:

We take the care of our clients very seriously and want to do all that we can do to protect you from the spread of the virus while receiving counselling. You should be aware of the following changes to our normal operating procedure.

  1. I am unable to provide face to face counselling while the current CONVID-19 infection restrictions are in place.
  2. I am able to provide on line and telephone counselling  with the popular methods of meeting such as Zoom/Skype/Facetime. I am happy to talk you through the main features of using the programs/apps and talk about how they are different from face to face contact.
  3. It may be possible to return to face to face counselling in the near future in exceptional circumstances. However, clients should be aware that any such mode of delivery is likely to impose significant restrictions on the way that business is conducted.

Finally if you have any particular concerns please contact me before your session and I will be happy to talk them through with you.

Kind regards