Information for our clients

April 2022

Coronavirus continues to be a significant public health issue.. In healthcare settings and enclosed spaces there are still a number of restrictions. There are a number of steps that we can all take to keep each other safe. This includes social distancing and the use of face masks in enclosed spaces. At this time I am accepting new referrals for face to face, on-line and telephone consultation.

For those coming for face to face counselling there will continue to be restrictions to limit the spread of Coronavirus. These will be in line with best practice in other healthcare settings and as appropriate for the vulnerability of clients attending counselling.


  • I continue to anticipate on-line therapy to be the main way of receiving therapy while numbers in hospital remain high.
  • I have provided on-line therapy since 2016 and I have found that many clients prefer its convenience.
  • We will look at the government and healthcare guidelines and follow them as a minimum set of protection for clients.

Final Notes

While available all in person therapies will be subject to additional restrictions to keep both you, I and other clients safe and I would outline these to you before you decided to proceed. The current restrictions can be found here

In rolling out this new plan I will be guided by best healthcare practice, the Scottish Government rules and COVID safe practices.

In person counselling will be offered on 2 days each week and I will not be opening a waiting list for in person therapy. Any in person appointment will be offered to those who are receiving remote therapy first if they wish to change to in-person.

I would advise that you keep up to date with the relevant health advice on keeping yourself and your loved ones safe you can find our information on how best to do that here:

Finally, if you have any particular concerns please contact me before your session and I will be happy to talk them through with you.

Kind regards