Jessica’s Anxiety

Take a moment to read Jessica’s story and notice how anxiety closed down her life. Jessica, Jess to her friends, had…

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Grief and loss

The control of anxiety

Anxiety is something which we all experience. A normal, if unpleasant part of life, it makes us fearful for the outcome…

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Self-confidence in easy steps

Many people would describe themselves as shy or having low self-confidence. They do not feel that they are necessarily…

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Critical voice – Whistle a happy tune

We all have those critical voices in our head from time to time chastising us or enumerating our wrongs. Perhaps we…

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loss and grief

Let go of the past

The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to enjoy. Yet we all seem to be anchored from time to time by…

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Back to School

Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the best self esteem of them all

When you stand in front of a mirror who do you see staring back. Do you like the person that is there, physically,…

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Depression – 5 alternatives to pulling yourself together

Pulling yourself together regularly tops the polls as the most unhelpful thing that clients with a mental health issue…

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