How to stop self-harm

Few human behaviours are as misunderstood as self-harm.  Yet in society today we are reluctant to talk about it. It can…

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self-harm self esteem

Revealed self-harm

Difficult to talk about, discrimination, isolation, guilt and shame all words associated with self-harm. Self-harm is…

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What drives anxiety and how to apply the brakes?

What drives anxiety ? Many people in the UK today have anxiety. They will suffer from symptoms such as constant nagging…

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mental health in the workplace

Your best guide to dealing with mental health in the workplace

Do you think about mental health in the workplace when you think about health? We are all more health conscious…

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Self esteem

Self-esteem can you empower it?

Self-esteem is a difficult thing to define exactly, but a working definition might be the value or the confidence we…

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Sex addicts – The loneliest addiction

There can be little doubt that there has been a rise in the amount of easily available porn in our society today.…

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Feeling better about yourself

Feeling better about yourself - Can you? Part of being human is to have times when we are feeling insecure about…

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