Kickstart your day with 5 simple steps to positivity

“Alexa Snooze” – another 10 minutes, what would help you kickstart your day first thing in the morning? We can have a…

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Relationship therapy

The client guide to therapy

The client guide to therapy or how do you “do” therapy? One of the things most often heard by therapists is “I’ve never…

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Taming your self-critic

Taming our self critic – some simple steps to help

Taming our self critic Taming our self critic is challenging. As we encounter challenges in life, accepting others…

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Self esteem

Nurture your self esteem

Learning to nurture your self-esteem can help to hold back your critical self. Self-esteem is the internal model we…

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Cope with grief

Practical steps to cope with grief and loss

“People kept telling me that life goes on, but for me, that was the saddest part.” These moving words written about…

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Deal with Anxiety

Deal with anxiety some simple steps

What is the best way to deal with anxiety. We all experience anxiety in our lives. It is our natural defence at times…

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ope with isolation

Cope with isolation – a simple guide

Learning to cope with isolation and the abnormal time we are in is the key to having good mental health. The pandemic…

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Maslow needs

How we develop our emotional response to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has changed our world. Many of the norms and touchstones that we used in our daily lives have vanished.…

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How to choose an on-line counsellor

Many clients are considering how best to choose an on-line counsellor, because of the current COVID-19 infection…

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Self esteem building

Building self esteem and its importance for good mental health

Our self-esteem represents how we feel about our self. You can think of it as an internal barometer that sets how we…

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