Counselling is it for me?

Everyone has moments in life when they are overwhelmed. We can find it difficult to deal with the problems that life throws at us. Perhaps you are facing a crisis right now and are struggling to know what to do.

Then perhaps counselling is part of the answer. We may have family and friends that could help, yet often it can be difficult to talk to them. Perhaps you don’t want to burden them, perhaps they are part of the problem, perhaps you want to get things straight in your own mind before speaking out, because you can’t take things back. There are many reasons talking to a counsellor can really help.

Clients looking for counselling, come from all walks of life. I find that for my clients the biggest fear is not cost or stigma but rather they ask “Will this work for me?” Perhaps that is your question too. There are no guarantees, but most feel an improvement in counselling. Research certainly shows that it makes a difference. The NHS uses counselling for many conditions every year to offer support and relief. Counselling offers an opportunity to be heard, offering alternate perspectives and perhaps challenge to old ways of thinking. The focus is on bringing about positive theraputic change in your life.

Here at Considerate Counselling, based in Giffnock, Glasgow, I have helped many clients to get back on track by making small changes, or perhaps more dramatic ones. Is counselling for you? Yes if you want to make positive change in your life.


Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are very common in the UK. Counselling can help you to take back control. Counselling works to help you control unhelpful thoughts and cope with your thoughts and feelings.

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Stress can affect us on many different levels, in all aspects of our lives. We often feel threatened, or unable to cope.  Counselling can help you to manage, control and eliminate stress by talking through the triggers and coping mechanisms.

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Work Issues

Many clients identify the work place as the cause of their mental health issues. Insecurity, performance, bullying and a lack of confidence are some of the common problems seen. Counselling addresses the emotional impacts to help you cope with work.

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Relationship Problems

Relationship counselling helps both individuals and couples make sense of issues that are causing problems. By helping couples to step back and take a wider look at communication and patterns of behaviour counselling seeks to strengthen the relationship.

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Self-esteem and confidence

Self-confidence and self-esteem exposes our relationship with ourselves and with others. How we interact with others, how we feel about ourselves and our achievements, how self-critical we are. Counselling can help you to develop and manage this inner dialog.

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