A boost upI am not one for using the work of others in my posts, however, making a difference in your life is important so I thought it worth bringing it here. I came across this post on several websites attributed to Dennis Fakes it takes the form of a short quiz, perhaps you would like to take it yourself now.

  1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world
  2. Name the last 5 winners of the World cup
  3. Name the last 5 winners of Miss Great Britain
  4. Name any 10 people you know to have won a Nobel Prize
  5. Name the last 5 actresses and actors who won the best actress or actor
  6. Name the current UK cabinet


How did you do?

The point is that even those who have achieved great things that make them famous – do not necessarily have a big impact on us or our lives, achievements fade, the applause dies away.  Rita Hayworth used to say, “They go to bed with Gilda(her signature film role); they wake up with me.”

Let’s try a different quiz:

  1. Name five teachers who helped you in your education
  2. Name three friends that helped you through a difficult time
  3. Name some people you enjoy spending time with
  4. Name some people who think you special.

Did we do any better?

The people who make a difference in our life are not the ones with the most credentials or the greatest reward. They are not even the ones who are most sympathetic to our woes. They are the people who care for us who are there to support, to challenge us and to help us.

Of course this cuts two ways so you can be inspired and be inspiring so shoot for the stars by all means but remember what will make a real difference in your life!