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Mental illness

Jessica’s Anxiety

Take a moment to read Jessica’s story and notice how anxiety closed down her life.

Jessica, Jess to her friends, had started to feel bad some time back now. It was a darkness that seemed to haunt her. She would find herself agreeing to things she didn’t want to do. She was scared that if she didn’t then her friends would walk away. She suddenly lacked the confidence that she had as a teenager and now always seems to be saying sorry when she spoke. Continue reading

Supporting someone with depression

When you know someone who has depression, you want to be there to support them. You want to help them fight it. Yet for many people they will be unsure how to best offer that support. You are in a unique position to help them and allow them to feel better. Continue reading

The control of anxiety

Anxiety is something which we all experience. A normal, if unpleasant part of life, it makes us fearful for the outcome of a set of circumstances.  We might feel anxious about the future, we might feel anxious about the past, about an event, a person, a place but we all feel anxiety. It sets our thoughts and imagination racing and often paints a much blacker picture than exists in reality. Continue reading

Does mental illness destroy relationships?

There can be little doubt that mental illness puts strain on relationships. Often it produces a crisis that the partners have to find a way of working through at the worst time in their lives.  It may be that the first reaction is denial to try to continue as normal and ignore the ‘elephant in the room’. There is almost a collective hope that this is not true and that it will go away by itself.

This approach can of course be very isolation both in relationships, for the sufferer and their partner. The sufferer can feel more anxious Continue reading

Depression – 5 alternatives to pulling yourself together

Pulling yourself together regularly tops the polls as the most unhelpful thing that clients with a mental health issue such as depression can have said to them. Indeed the very premise is that they are choosing to be ill by not ‘pulling themselves together’ Often it is said by those who through ignorance or lack of empathy have not suffered or seen the devastating collapse in mood that comes with mental illness such as depression and other problems. So what’s the alternative what is the way back to health? Continue reading

Stress management – anxiety under control?

Overwhelming, overpowering, uncontrollable, never-ending, helpless, there seems no end to the list of superlatives that we can use to describe how powerless we feel in face of our anxiety. It can see that there is nothing we can do. After all how do you stop your boss pressuring you, or your children fighting, or your mother in law judging you, there will never be enough hours in the day to get through the mental to do list that you set yourself.

Managing stress and managing anxiety starts with a simple step knowing Continue reading

Mental health – nothing to worry about?

Mental health while becoming more accepted in society can still be a very frightening thing. Like so many things that we are frightened of it is not what it is but the fear of the unknown that is the problem. Often in my practice I am asked am I going crazy (whatever that might mean) and it is almost a cry for a label to hang on these symptoms that are so difficult to understand and deal with.

Very often when we first encounter stress, or anxiety or depression for the first time we will do something which we don’t recognise in ourselves. That might be getting angry or bursting into tears. It might be we experience fear when we think of ourselves as someone who is fearless. Part of the problem can be that moment of the rug being taken from under our feet in that we are no longer sure who we are.

The response that many of us will try is to carry on as normal to try not to make a fuss and to put a brave face on our feelings and thoughts. Yet in reality we are pushing them away and rather like holding a beach ball under water eventually Continue reading