employee counselling

What few businesses know about employee counselling

Should your company provide employee counselling ? You don’t have to be Peter Jones, James Caan or Deborah Meaden to understand that a healthy workforce, both mentally and physically, is important to the success of your business. Traditionally we have been good at thinking about our physical safety at work. We have fire extinguishers, we go on moving and handling courses or we may have to wear protective clothing. Yet when it comes to mental health there is less of a safety culture. Yet the simplest changes, such as environment and access to employee counselling can make a big difference.Read more

loss and grief

Proven tips for grief and loss

Grief, loss and bereavement are a near universal experience.  While this is true, It is perhaps thrown in sharp contrast by the reality that grief, loss and bereavement are all experienced in a unique and personal way.  While when thinking about bereavement we naturally think of the loss of a loved one, any loss for example of a job or of a marriage can bring about grief and loss in us.Read more

Back to School

Talking about feelings

Feelings, express them, repress them, shout them or smother them, but we all have them. How we express our feelings can make a big difference to how we relate to others and to how well our relationships work.  If we can express feelings in a way that connects us to friends and family then they strengthen the bonds between us. Sharing feelings are a big part of how we cope with and get through events and situations. When we have negative feelings and we repress them they can fester ready to explode out and cause problems later on.Read more

Grief and loss

Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Bereavement, grief and loss are simultaneously a universal and an intensely personal an d unique experience. There are many types of significant loss in our lives, as well as the death of a loved one, we also suffer grief and loss when there are big changes in our lives like the end of a relationship or we are made redundant or that we are diagnosed with a severe illness.  They all share the themes of a significant ending and something that will never come back into our lives.

In any life grief and loss are to be expected, yet the thing that often surprises clients is the intensity of the feelings. Bereavement is the reaction to that loss and although the pattern is very personal, it is not unusual to find it difficult to sleep, to have a disrupted appetite, to feel withdrawn in addition to being tearful and easily upset. There can be a real sense of shock and numbness and of disorganisation. There can seem very little of normal life to cling on to.Read more

Loss can overwhelm us

Dealing with grief

Death is a certainty which waits for us all, and dealing with a death can be very hard. There is a hollow emptiness that can creep up on us as we realise what has been lost. One of the things that seem to surprise people the most is that everyone not only grieves in their own way but does so on their own timescale. Often the bereaved will only start to feel the loss when the funeral is over. Indeed this often corresponds with the time that people stop phoning or coming round and can lead to very judgmental thoughts such as “they should be over it by now!”

This is simply not true; people need to come to termsRead more

Handling grief and loss

GraveIt is the hollow emptiness that washes over us.  We are separated from the known the familiar with no chance to retract our steps.  We stand at the border of the undiscovered country, which heralds the ending of a relationship and comforting regular rituals to be replaced with the unknown.Read more

The long term effects of a death

The death of any family member is a very difficult time for the family. The sense of loss and the emptiness that pervades your life is devastating. It is particularly hard to recover from the death of a child. Children are not supposed to die, we expect to see our children grow up and we leave them behind when our time comes. It was once said that when you lose a parent you lose the past, but when you lose a child then you lose the future.Read more