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Dealing with the end of a relationship

The end of a relationship

The end of a relationship is never easy. You can find yourself dealing with an array of difficult emotions. Regardless of how the relationship ended, whether by choice, mutual agreement or choosing to go your separate ways, there are painful emotions that have to be dealt with. Continue reading

Talking about feelings

Feelings, express them, repress them, shout them or smother them, but we all have them. How we express our feelings can make a big difference to how we relate to others and to how well our relationships work.  If we can express feelings in a way that connects us to friends and family then they strengthen the bonds between us. Sharing feelings are a big part of how we cope with and get through events and situations. When we have negative feelings and we repress them they can fester ready to explode out and cause problems later on. Continue reading

Relationship counselling self help part 2

In part 1 we looked at why couples come to relationship counselling and we looked at some of the key skills that a couple could try for themselves before coming to relationship counselling.

Key amongst these skills, a pre-requisite for the other skills, is the ability to communicate effectively when trying to work through problems both yourself and for those entering relationship counselling.  It is a key skill so I make no apologies for repeating the basics here,

Communicating effectively is about adult conversations, that is to say being honest about your feelings and taking responsibility for both your actions and their consequences. It is about being clear how you feel Continue reading

Feeling better about yourself

Feeling better about yourself – Can you?

Part of being human is to have times when we are feeling insecure about ourselves. How do you then, feel better about yourself? The trigger can be anything from a text message with an unusual tone, through people seeming to treat you differently, or perhaps things just seem to be going badly and you can’t seem to bounce back. You want to focus on feeling better about yourself, but are not sure where to start. How do you navigate the maelstrom of negativity and start the process of feeling better about yourself? Continue reading

Depression the emotional response

Many articles on depression focus on the thinking process. It shows you how to challenge unhelpful or damaging thoughts and how to replace them with a new thought process that is more compassionate to your care. Yet there is no getting away from the fact that depression is a mood disorder and has a big emotional content. How do you deal with the emotional part of your depression?

Continue reading

Supporting someone with depression

When you know someone who has depression, you want to be there to support them. You want to help them fight it. Yet for many people they will be unsure how to best offer that support. You are in a unique position to help them and allow them to feel better. Continue reading

The control of anxiety

Anxiety is something which we all experience. A normal, if unpleasant part of life, it makes us fearful for the outcome of a set of circumstances.  We might feel anxious about the future, we might feel anxious about the past, about an event, a person, a place but we all feel anxiety. It sets our thoughts and imagination racing and often paints a much blacker picture than exists in reality. Continue reading