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Relationship counselling self help part 1

Perhaps you are considering relationship counselling because the problems your partner and you are having. Perhaps you are kept awake at night wondering what will happen. Perhaps you even wonder if relationship counselling will work.

Couples have problems with a variety of issues, different libidos, problems with money, infidelity and just a break down in communications. But before you reach for the phone to arrange relationship counselling there are a few things that you might want to try. Continue reading

Self-esteem our shield agaist the world

There are days when nothing seems to go right and the world seems to delight in picking on us. Nothing we do seem to go right; our luck just doesn’t seem in. We begin to question what on earth could be going wrong. Questioning our judgement and potentially losing self-belief. Slowly and surely our self-belief begins to suffer.

Self-esteem might be defined as our belief in our ability, Continue reading

Change for the better

“Choose your rut carefully you may be in it for some time” the saying goes and many clients come to counselling feeling stuck with their lives and unsure about how to make positive changes.  It may be that we want to tackle our relationship problems or how we feel about our work. Perhaps you feel that there is something missing in your life and you want to bring about change. In this article we will look at the practical steps you can take to help you with the emotional and practical problems of making changes. How do you change your life for the better Continue reading

Returning to work

I know from my treatment room that one of the biggest challenges that some clients face having been off of work with depression, stress or anxiety is that of returning to work.  However complete their cure, however, positive they feel about themselves there still always seems that little twinge when you think of the first day back.

Thoughts can run riot, Continue reading

Dealing with grief

Death is a certainty which waits for us all, and dealing with a death can be very hard. There is a hollow emptiness that can creep up on us as we realise what has been lost. One of the things that seem to surprise people the most is that everyone not only grieves in their own way but does so on their own timescale. Often the bereaved will only start to feel the loss when the funeral is over. Indeed this often corresponds with the time that people stop phoning or coming round and can lead to very judgmental thoughts such as “they should be over it by now!”

This is simply not true; people need to come to terms Continue reading

Bereavement and Grief

GraveRecently we have been seeing more clients with loss in their lives. Primarily this has been at the passing of a loved one, but there have been other significant losses in some client’s lives recently.

So how do you approach a bereavements in your life.  It is a very painful experience and it can bring up a great many emotions for us. Sometimes it feels like the pain will never end and we get annoyed with the seemingly endless streams of people telling us that “time is a great healer” or that “you will get over it” because just at that moment you can’t believe that this sense of loss will ever end. Continue reading

Fine is a four letter word

fineHow are you today?

Fine thanks.

The dictionary defines the word fine as you are in good health and you have no problems. Does this sound like your reality?  You have arrived at work after battling through the rush hour and you are fine! It seems more like you would be frustrated or angry or stressed. You have had a fight with your partner and you are out with friends can you describe yourself as fine? Continue reading