Supervision – helping you improve your practice

The supervision I offer is a collaborative approach uncovering what is happening for you in your relationship with your clients.  In addition to looking at client work and issues that you might be needing to talk through, there is the opportunity to maintain and enhance good practice. Sometimes that will be about sharing experience, exploring theory or CPD, yet most of the time it will be about helping you to achieve a greater degree of counselling relationship  with your clients.

What to do - supervision

In conclusion, the support of good supervisor can offers a real difference to you and your practice. That sense of being able to explore feelings that are difficult, uncomfortable or  unsure of what is going on.

I am an accredited person centred counsellor and hold a Certificate in Creative Supervision. Working on the south side of Glasgow, I enjoy the extra dimension that supervision brings to my practice.  I supervise clients from all modalities both in training and those who are experienced and I would like to have the opportunity to support your practice.

My aim is to:

  • Support you
  • Look at client work
  • Help you look at your practice
  • Challenge you


Call me today on: 0141 530 5690

I am happy to talk to you without charge about the supervision that I offer. I think it helps to make an informed choice about working together. So give me a call today.

Supervision costs £40 per hour

There are concessions for counsellors in training

You can send me an email: