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Frequently asked questions


Can counselling help me?

Counselling is a sensible way to try to sort out the difficulties that you face in your life. The purpose is to create a space that is safe and free from judgement to explore difficult thoughts and feelings. Thoughts or feelings that might be hard to talk throught with family or friends. Throughout the process accepting yourself and enjoying your life.

What problems do you deal with?

Some of the issues that I have dealt with in the past are, stress, self-confidence and esteem, bereavement, relationship counselling, depression, anxiety and abuse. Yet the list of problems that counselling can help with is endless, the purpose is to help explore difficult thoughts and feelings about any experience, thought or feeling in your life which is preventing you from enjoying and living your life to the full. People from all walks of life and all experiences benefit from therapy.

Is there a limit on the number of counselling sessions?

No there is no limit. While there is no limit, we will review our progress regularly to make sure that you are happy with progress.

I am anxious my problem seems trivial should I call?

The most important thing to say is that if the problem is important to you, it is important to me. The process is not about judging whether a problem is trivial or not but rather looking at the impact it has on your life. I try to listen to and help all those who contact me. Most of us have thoughts, feelings or experiences that they feel are embarrassing, or trivial in their life, yet that eat away in the quieter moments. If this is making life harder for you why not ask for help.

Where are the counselling rooms

We are located on the southside of Glasgow and normally meet there.

I am worried about the costs can you tell me more

Many people have the same concern.  There are several things you might want to consider.

  • The costs are entirely in your control, you are only committing to one session at a time and you can stop whenever you like.
  • Unfortunately many things cost money today, consider the price of a decent haircut, or a spa treatment or a football match, all of these seem worthwhile – I like to believe that my clients are worth that too.
  • If you shop around, you will find our prices very competitive for Glasgow and the southside of Glasgow.

We would like to think that no-one needing therapy is ever turned away, even if all we can do is find the right service for you.

Is the service a confidential service

Yes the service is confidential. So many clients ask about this aspect of my work that we will go over what it means for you in the first session to make sure that you are completely happy.

You haven’t answered my question

I’m sorry but there are so many, please contact me today and I’d be happy to talk to you with out any obligation about what counselling might be able to do for you.