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Counselling Articles

Blog posts and articles describing how counselling can help and you can help yourself

Confident conflict

Conflict – A common problem

Do you run from conflict? Would you rather put up with almost anything than risk a disagreement and argument? Then perhaps you are one of the many who are not confident with conflict. Faced with conflict we take to flight, we hide from the feelings that are bound to follow a confrontation. Continue reading

Talking about feelings

Feelings, express them, repress them, shout them or smother them, but we all have them. How we express our feelings can make a big difference to how we relate to others and to how well our relationships work.  If we can express feelings in a way that connects us to friends and family then they strengthen the bonds between us. Sharing feelings are a big part of how we cope with and get through events and situations. When we have negative feelings and we repress them they can fester ready to explode out and cause problems later on. Continue reading

Good listening skills

When talking about listening skills, the well-known speaker and author Stephen R. Covey once said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” This will match many people’s experience of listening skills where they feel misunderstood and find themselves defending a position rather than discussing or gaining deeper insight.

Why are listening skills so useful?

Listening at any time is important Continue reading

Bullying in the workplace

Bullying it seems is happening in workplaces up and down the country. In the UK workforce as many as 70% of us report being bullied or harassed by our boss, supervisor or a colleague at some point in our career.

Our clients tell us about the impact that this can have on their lives both in and out of work. Continue reading

How to fight your partner

Many couples come to relationship counselling talking about conflict. While the conflicts may be about important issues, a problem of equal value is often the way that the issue is discussed.  In fact talking about the issue is an issue!

Perhaps one of the best skills that any couple can have is a way to deal with conflict, a set of principles or rules by which they can discuss their relationship issues that keep them respectful of each other and on track for finding a solution that they can both accept.

Some of the very basics are important. Know what you are arguing about.  Continue reading

Does relationship counselling make a difference

Relationship counselling represents for many the last port of call to fix a relationship. The place that you go when all else has failed. Yet often those who have been to relationship counselling talk of it being a positive experience. Even those couples who find it hard to communicate without it becoming a shouting match often find that there is something different about the quality of relationship counselling. The environment allows a calmer form of communication. The counsellor helps them to both hear and be heard.  While there are no guarantees in relationship counselling it seems that the success rate is higher than talking it alone. Continue reading

Do you need relationship counselling

Increasingly couples are seeking relationship counselling. For any couple there are pressures, at the start of the year the Office for National Statistics [ONS] noted a rise in the divorce rate and this may go some way to explaining the additional requirement for relationship counselling. The ONS noted that the economic downturn may have had something to do with the increased divorce rate and while the financial crisis if clearly a pressure for many partners; it cannot explain all of the break ups. Continue reading