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Relationship problems

Our relationships are a very important part of our lives. Yet even the strongest of relationships can have problems. Acting early may help your relationship from breaking down. I am experienced in helping both individuals and couples to address their relationship problems

Depression and anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are very common in society today. It can be triggered by bereavement or illness or a traumatic experience or other life events. I have experience of supporting and helping clients cope, and feel better about their lives as they become well again

exhausted businessman

We spend a huge proportion of our time at work. It has benefits, but many have problems associated with their work. Stress, Anxiety, Bullying or even a personal issue that crosses over causing problems. Counselling is an effective way of helping you gain control again


Sometimes it seems that the hardest person to trust is yourself. We find it difficult to say ‘No’ or we are excessively worried about what others may think or say about us. If you think that you have low self-esteem or self-confidence issues, I can help with counselling